Operation "Freedom From Drugs" in Sardinia, Italy

Drug-Free World Volunteers

Drug-Free World Cagliari is targeting drugs in a campaign to improve the quality of life in Sardinia, Italy.

​The Sardinia chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World has launched an all-out drug prevention offensive they are calling “Operation Freedom from Drugs.”

The “battle” is taking place on the streets and in the shops of Sardinia. Its objective is to inform people with factual data and statistics on the effects of commonly abused substances—the  most effective weapon for preventing and decreasing drug use.

The community is forming up as a united front to stand against drug dealers. Not a week goes by without new merchants joining forces, volunteering to distribute copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets to their customers.

Over the past several days, volunteers have distributed these booklets in the towns of Assemini and Cagliari and today they are planning to hand out hundreds of copies in Quartucciu and Sinnai.

Photos: Sardegna Eventi 24 and Fondazione per un Mondo Libero dalla Droga

Source: Foundation for a Drug-Free World


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