Helping to Make Baja California Sur Schools and Communities Drug-Free

Baja California Sur partners with Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

Baja California Sur renews its partnership with Foundation for a Drug-Free World to continue to bring the truth about drugs to youth and future generations.

​​​​​​At a ceremony attended by more than 200 government officials, students and community leaders at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur in La Paz, Baja California Sur (UABCS) marking International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Secretary of Education Hector Jimenez Marquez and Secretary of Health Dr. Víctor George Flores signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

“From this forum we send out a call to all society—government officials, teachers, parents and students—to form up the biggest and strongest army to fight against addiction at home, in school, public and private offices, and out in the streets, to end this threat against families and society,” said Dr. Flores.

With increased drug abuse and drug-related violence threatening lives daily in Baja California Sur, state officials initiated the Foundation for a Drug-Free World Truth About Drugs program with an official signing of a memorandum of understanding in November 2016. Since then the Foundation has provided training and donated some 8,300 Truth About Drugs educator kits reaching over 100,000 students in the state.

“Through the leadership of Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis and the vision and steady hand of Secretary of Education Sr. Hector Jimenez Marquez, combined with the dedication and hard work of Martina Camacho Higuera, General Director of Basic EducationBaja California Sur is the first state in the world to have the Truth About Drugs educational program in all secondary schools, high schools and in universities for future teachers of the state,” said Foundation Ambassador Janice Storey.

Drug-free athletes Yuli Paola Verdugo Flores, Edgar Ismael Verdugo Flores and Juan Carlos Ruiz Teran, who will represent Mexico in the next Pan-American Games in Peru, encouraged those attending to support an active lifestyle and the achievement of worthy goals.

The event concluded with a dance performance by middle-school Folkloric Ballet dancers who were featured in the Third State Conviviality of Talents.

Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit public benefit corporation that promotes and distributes the Truth About Drugs program. The cornerstone of the program, the Truth About Drugs education package, contains a complete curriculum with a user-friendly educator’s guide, audiovisual aids including the award-winning The Truth About Drugs: Real People, Real Stories documentary film, and 24 sets of the Truth About Drugs booklet series, each containing 14 booklets on the most commonly abused drugs. The curriculum allows for as many as 19 one-hour lessons.

By using the materials of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, humanitarians from New York City to Malaysia and El Salvador to India use the campaign to educate their communities and reduce drug abuse and addiction.

To learn more about the initiative to bring the Truth About Drugs to all Baja California schools, watch Arming Baja with Truth, an episode of Voices for Humanity on the Scientology Network.

Source: Foundation for a Drug-Free World