Exhibit Sounds the Alarm on Abuse in the Field of Mental Health

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

A disturbing interactive exhibition exposes dangerous psychiatric practices

To warn local residents of the risk of psychiatric practices that can harm them and their families, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) brought the traveling exhibit, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death to Guadalajara.

From psychiatry’s origins in Germany’s inhumane asylums to its present-day abuses, the exhibit presents the history and current practices of the controversial industry. 

The exhibit, based on the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum in Los Angeles, tours throughout the world as a public service to reveal the dangers of psychiatric practices. Filmed interviews of more than 160 international experts, mental health professionals, survivors and their family members present harrowing accounts of abuse they have suffered or witnessed.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a nonprofit charitable mental health watchdog co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and professor of psychiatry Dr. Thomas Szasz. It is dedicated to eradicating psychiatric abuse and ensuring patient protection.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, CCHR International guides a global human rights advocacy network of some 180 chapters across 34 nations. CCHR Commissioners include physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, lawyers, legislators, government officials, educators and civil rights representatives.

Watch Psychiatry: An Industry of Death on the Scientology Network.

Source: Citizens Commission on Human Rights