Brussels Survey Shows Need for Drug Prevention

Volunteers surveyed Brussels shop owners and customers on their attitudes toward drugs and distributed more than 2,000 copies of drug education booklets.

A team of volunteers from the Brussels Say No to Drugs Association canvassed shop owners and customers along Boulevard de Waterloo and Saint-Gilles on their attitudes toward drugs and provided the shops with drug prevention materials.

They spoke to parents, social workers, teachers and drug users and found most felt people use drugs, including cannabis and alcohol, as an escape from misery and turmoil—a way to cope with the malaise of living in a society in crisis. But they were also aware that drug use is a trap even if it appears to be attractive initially.

Nearly everyone interviewed was aware of the link between drugs and crime including murder and terrorism. They also felt the lack of factual information about the dangers of drugs contributes to the problem.

The shop owners particularly felt it is important to support drug prevention and education.

One man took copies of The Truth About Drugs booklets for his own children and extra copies for the young people at the center where he works.

Volunteers distributed more than 2,100 The Truth About Drugs booklets, arranging them in displays where customers may pick up copies of the booklets that interested them most.

Source: Bxl drug prevention


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